in Italy and worldwide


about your Wedding Photographer

Where do you work?

We live and work in Tuscany, but given our passion for travel, we can follow you, photograph you and meet you anywhere in Italy and Europe.


Where can I fix an appointment?

Generally we meet bride and groom in a place chosen by you or directly at the wedding location, or we can make an appointment on Skype if the distance is too far to travel.



What is your photographic style?

We prefer to create services in reportage style, capturing the most important moments of the day to create the perfect memory. We love to tell the wedding spontaneously and uninvasively, but if you prefer pose photography we will be happy to satisfy you.



How long in advance should I book the service?

It's advisable to book the service from 6 months to 12 months prior the date of your wedding. If the date is available we will accept a last-minute booking with pleasure.



How can I make a booking with you?

If you choose us for your wedding, we will send you a contract to sign, to guarantee our availability for your wedding day. You will find our contacts on any page of the website and in the section "Contact".


How long will the service take?

It's your choice; the duration will depend on the type of service that you choose, from a minimum of 4 hours to the whole day.


How many photos do you take at my wedding?

There isn't a limited number of photographs, we will shoot those needed to create your perfect memory.


Will the photos, that you deliver to me, be digitally post-processed?

Yes, the photos that we will deliver will be worked on individually. All the photos will be inclusive of professional postproduction for colours, exposure and lights.


Did you also do engagement shooting?

Certainly! We like to meet you before the wedding and the creation of an engagement shooting is a perfect opportunity to obtain beautiful photos and, at the same time, to create trust between us.


Do you create wedding album?

Yes. You can decide to add the wedding album also after the wedding day. We collaborate with different companies to offer you different style of wedding album.